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SeaDek is available in three different material options: Classic SeaDek, SeaDek HD, and Dual Density. Each option is engineered for optimum performance in any and all  environments. You can never go wrong with Classic SeaDek, but we understand special circumstances warrant  specialized equipment.

Classic SeaDek is our innovative, original material. Though many improvements have been made over the years, the basic composition remains the same. Classic SeaDek is manufactured with a deliberate balance of PE and EVA foams for durability and comfort. Classic Seadek comes in Brushed or Embossed Texture

SeaDek HD is our most rugged, durable option. The rigid outer-skin of our Tetrapod texture is scratch and stain resistant, and built to endure the abuse of high-traffic and commercial use. SeaDek HD is available as a 5 mm layer in Black & Storm Gray only. It can also be laminate with any Classic SeaDek base layer.

hd tEXTURE.png

Dual Density was created for long days on the water. Composed of a Classic SeaDek top layer and a Low Density base layer, Dual Density boasts the traction you’ve come to expect from SeaDek with more give, making it the best option for helm pads, coaming bolsters, and seating.

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